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"During the Greek financial crisis, only 3% of the Greek population left, at a time when the unemployment rate was 27%"

I don't think that it's fair to compare the total percent of the greek population that emigrated with the greek unemployment rate. The greek unemployment rate is calculated by taking the total # of greeks actively seeking work and dividing it by the total labour force and not the total population. There's also the fact that Greece has a massive shadow economy which is the largest in all of the eurozone. Some surveys have indicated that 71.6% of the greek unemployed population regularly participate so it is a possibility that many unemployed greeks were actually employed (either fully or part time) in the shadow economy but still wished to seek formal employment so they still showed up in the stats as unemployed (https://greekreporter.com/2017/05/18/underground-economy-in-greece-is-about-one-quarter-of-gdp/). This could possibly explain why there wasn't a proportional increase in greek emigration numbers relative to the unemployment rate.

P.S: I wasn't able to tell whether or not you were against open borders. It wasn't until I read some of your posts on your main site that I realized that you were for reforming immigration but against open borders( which is my position as well) . Could you explain why?

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