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A pedant's nitpick: Guinness is so awesome they had access to rail in 1759, 70 years before the first major railroad.

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Very good article. Hard to believe how innovative guiness have been

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Brilliant arrival Will O’Brien. The first pint of Guinness I served was 88p. The first one I drank in college was £1.37.

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}}}He is on the steering committee for 18for0, a non-profit that advocates for nuclear power in Ireland.

Not only did you score points for the article, you scored extra credit for having A LOT of sense.

If Ireland was smart, they'd try and encourage some startup to design and create a manufacturing chain for a standardized, small, fourth-gen nukes (ca. 250-500MW), a thorium-salt design that was inherently safe, and served middle-sized communities and regions.

Maybe Guinness is looking to branch out? :-P

Someone is going to make a lot of money with this, whenever it gets done.

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