A spin-off of fusion research, "millimeter wave drilling," is opening up places that previously would not have been considered for Geo.

It permits drilling by vaporizing rock to a depth of 20 KM at a temperature of 600 °C.

As to Green Hydrogen, as the cost of wind and solar has come down, the attractiveness of Green Hydrogen goes up. Using green energy to make green energy.




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It will likely be quicker and less expensive to embrace Geothermal and Green Hydrogen than Nuclear. Both have also made recent progress.

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Jul 3, 2023·edited Jul 3, 2023

Any proponent of nuclear glosses over all of the inconvenient truths including that of toxic, radioactive waste. Many thousands of spent fuel pools littered across the globe would ensure total destruction of life on earth, in the event of a broad (or even minor) scale natural disaster / grid failure. We know these events do occur. These toxic pools for example, would boil off rapidly and the resulting gasses dispersed into the atmosphere, moments after mans hand slips from the wheel. The problem of nuclear waste is not solved by any safe measure or means. The immense hubris of those today who would ignore that decisions made now, could so profoundly impact future generations at such great risk of irreparable damage, is beyond belief. Anybody who writes an article promoting nuclear energy as a viable source for ever increasing, extremely wasteful and gluttonous demands for energy lack either the inherent logic or sensibility that the majority of those who live on a tiny island at the edge of the Atlantic know very well. Lest we forget, Fukushima remains a complete and tragic disaster with no effective remedy, to date. NO to nuclear. Éirinn go Brách.

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Do any of the major parties in Ireland support nuclear or have factions within them that do so?

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